Abuse deterrent formulations

Prescription drug abuse has emerged as a leading cause of accidental death in many countries in recent years and addiction and deaths continue rise. Altus Formulation’s tamper and abuse resistant INTELLITAB technology is an innovative patented new platform that directly addresses this worrying trend, raising the bar to abuse by chewing, snorting or injecting.   INTELLITAB Technology uses only well proven ingredients and simple manufacturing techniques to generate ‘safer to use tabletsTM’ meeting your clinical and regulatory needs.

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INTELLITAB tablets contain no unwarranted aversive agents or antagonists unnecessary for the patient in need.

INTELLITAB tablets are hardened to resist cutting, crushing and chewing, common methods to accelerate drug release

INTELLITAB tablets spontaneously form hard, stable gels in a range of solvents to deter injection, even in large volumes

Dissolution testing of crushed INTELLITAB tablets in USP Type I apparatus demonstrates that extraction from the crushed tablets can be significantly deterred.

Drug release rates from the crushed tablets are similar to the intact tablet in a range of solvents

Administration to volunteers of INTELLITAB oxycodone tablets crushed to simulate chewing demonstrated no dose dumpling (peak concentrations bio-equivalent to the immediate release tablet) and a time to peak concentration of 4hrs.

Super Generic Formulations

INTELLITAB technology may be used to match non-abuse deterrent innovator or generic products.

Altus’ INTELLITAB once-a-day tramadol formulation matched the performance of the comparator in both fed and fasted conditions.