About Altus

Who is Altus Drug Development?

Based in the R&D hub of Laval Quebec, with its unique fiscal advantages, Altus Drug Development is a specialist drug development company providing cost effective strategies, value-added new products and integrated manufacturing, pre-clinical, clinical, regulatory and manufacturing services to our partner companies. Altus can also manage launch supplies.

What does Altus Drug Development Do

Altus Drug Development leverages our validated technologies, patents and development expertise, hard gained from developing, registering and commercializing our own products, to conceive, develop and provide Value Added Medicines for our pharma partners. Altus Value Added Medicines are;


  • New formulations of well-established drugs with unique features allowing market differentiation, exclusivity and price premiums. Altus Value Added Medicines can come with patent coverage exceeding market exclusivity.
  • First in Human (FIH) Formulations conceived, developed and provided for pre-clinical studies, GLP studies and rapid and cost-effective progress to the clinic. We manufacture clinical supplies for all phases of clinical testing.
  • Enabling Formulations. Technology based formulations for difficult to deliver drugs including poorly soluble and insoluble drugs.
  • Protective Formulations. Providing patent protection for NCE lacking patent coverage.

Altus Drug Development
can help you

  • Design your new product
  • Prepare preclinical formulations
  • Design and manage your preclinical testing program
  • Generate your First in Human supplies
  • Prepare your regulatory submissions
  • Manage your Ph I studies
  • Generate your launch supplies.
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