SmartCelle Micellar Technology

Enabling the Delivery of Insoluble Drugs via Multiple Routes


Self-forming, well tolerated 30nm dynamic micelles for delivery of poorly soluble and insoluble small molecule and peptide drugs. SmartCelle micelles form spontaneously in aqueous solution entrapping and increasing the solubility of lipophilic drugs many thousandfold. The low critical micelle concentration (CMC) of SmartCelle micelles ensures micelle integrity in biological fluids even after dilution enabling multiple administration routes for these difficult to deliver molecules.


SmartCelle enables delivery of insoluble NCE (BCS class II and IV) and offers new route of administration positioning options for well-established drugs – Value-Added Medicines.

SmartCelle Ocular

Enhanced penetration delivery of insoluble drugs to the cornea, uvea and retina by topical application of SmartCelle eye drops.

SmartCelle Intranasal

Intranasal delivery and enhanced absorption of lipophilic drugs for improved CNS access using SmartCelle engineered powders or sprays.

SmartCelle Parenteral

Low volume, low viscosity, ultra-high concentration systemic delivery of insoluble drugs. SmartCelle Parenteral formulations may be tailored to achieve extended half-life.

Patent Protection

All SmartCelle formulations fall under Altus global patent umbrella which provides protection to 2038.

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