In-licensing Opportunities

Value-Added Medicines to Expand your Portfolio

Looking for new and affordable revenue opportunities?
We’ve developed the following cost-effective and quick-to-market products specifically for in-licensing.
We’re now seeking partners to bring them to new markets.

TrazoFlex™ Tablets
Breakable 300mg and 150mg once-daily trazodone tablets for Major Depressive Disorder allows smooth start low-go slow titration from 7 75mg to 375mg. Effective from the first week of treatment and with efficacy for improved sleep without weight gain or other SSRI type drawbacks, TrazoFlex tablets may also benefit patients with comorbidities such as fibromyalgia, diabetic neuropathy, bulimia and benzodiazepine or alcohol abuse.

TramaFlex™ Tablets
Alcohol-resistant and breakable once-daily 300mg, 200mg and 100mg tramadol tablets allow low increment (50mg) dosing from 50mg to 300mg to avoid treatment-adverse reactions. Scored TramaFlex tablets avoid the potentially fatal effects of dose dumping from tablet breaking, enabling patients with moderate to severe pain to stay on the lowest drug dose suitable for them.

DeslaFlex™ Tablets
Breakable 100mg and 50mg once-daily desvenlafaxine tablets for Major Depressive Disorder allows up and down precision dosing from 25mg to 200mg. DeslaFlex tablets may also provide value for patients with neuropathic pain, generalized anxiety, social anxiety disorder, panic attacks or hot flashes.

AdhaFlex™ Capsules
AdhaFlex capsules are indicated for the treatment of adult and childhood ADHD. Bioequivalent to Adderall XR, AdhaFlex capsules are available in 5 mg, 10 mg, 15 mg, 20 mg, 25 mg and 30 mg strengths and may be sprinkled on food.

Breakable NeuroFlex pregabalin XR tablets offer more dosage strengths from a minimum number of tablets for simple and cost-effective titration. NeuroFlex also enables the “low and slow” titration approach preferred by prescribers to better manage symptoms vs side-effects and keep patients adherent to treatment, a key component of managing neuropathic pain.

Fast acting, breakable AcetraFlex tablets (75mg Tramadol: 650mg Acetaminophen) provide true 12hr efficacy for a pain free day and restful sleep.
Breakable quetiapine XR tablets provide flexible and once-daily dosing to
simplify titration and high-dose adjustments from a minimum number of prescriptions, improving both compliance and patient experiences.