Flexitab Tablets

Safer to Use Breakable Extended Release Tablets for Precise Titration


High and low drug load, breakable extended-release tablets that are impervious to alcohol and avoid the dangers of dose dumping when split. Splitting Flexitab tablets into multiple segments generates a range of dose-proportional extended-release tablets.

Value Drivers: Differentiated Value-Added Drugs

Flexitab tablet technology provides safe, precise, and flexible dosing for titration sensitive and narrow therapeutic index drugs generating new low strength options for drug-naïve patients and additional intermediate strengths to meet individual patient needs. Flexitab provides precise control of the efficacy/side-effect balance keeping patients on the lowest dose drug they need for the whole time they need it.


The new labelling that Flexitab products obtain, describing the safe breakability of the tablets, prevents interchangeability (substitution) with non-breakable extended products. Flexitab provides clinically and medically relevant differentiation for existing immediate release and extended-release products in addition to the convenience of an extended release product.

Cost Effectiveness

Many Flexitab products can be approved on the basis of pharmacokinetic studies alone. Flexitab avoids the costs of multiple tablet manufacturing from a simple direct compression process.

Patent Protection

All Flexitab tablets fall under Altus global patent umbrella which provides protection to 2038.

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