The Altus Advantage

The Altus Drug Development Advantage

Whether you have a new molecule, untested in the clinic, or a market leading drug with more value to give, Altus Drug Development will work with you to design, develop and deliver quality driven clinical formulations or differentiated new drug products meeting your clinical and commercial needs.

What can Altus Drug Development help you with?

  1. Efficient production of small-volume supplies for preclinical and GLP toxicology studies

  2. Rapid transition from preclinical to clinical batch supplies.

  3. Enabling solutions for difficult to deliver drugs.

  4. Design and development of Value-Added Medicines for life-cycle management

  5. Seamless transition to submission and launch supplies

  6. Management of preclinical and Phase I clinical studies

Altus Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning service provides our partners with integrated Development, Regulatory and Patenting and Product Supply Plans to suit the commercial aims for their product.

Altus Patents

cover proprietary and enabling technologies that can speed early stage clinical development of NCE and NME, enable oral, parenteral and ocular delivery and provide novel differentiating features for value-added products to extend their in-market protection, over and above short term exclusivity periods.

Altus Enabling Technologies

Altus has a range of patent protective enabling technologies to deliver and enhance your new drug. All Altus technologies can provide new patent coverage for NCE, NME and Value-Added Medicines.


Hollow high drug load microparticulate technology for lead candidate screening and rapid scale up to GMP supplies for First in Human Studies (single and multiple ascending dose) and Phase II dose ranging. Immediate release, extended release and targeted release formulations are also available along with sprinkles and powders for liquid suspension.


Safer to Use tm breakable extended release tablets offering precision and flexible titration and non-substitution strategies.


Smart micelles for oral, parenteral and ocular delivery of insoluble drugs.

Take your drugs from the
Laboratory to the Market

The Altus Team is always striving to deliver flawless execution managing internal and third-party providers. We are proud to offer high-quality and reliable service to our partners.

The Right Product, at the Right Time, at the Right Cost from Lab to Clinic to Market

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