Value Added Medicines

As regulatory hurdles grow higher, the cost of developing new chemical entities (NCE) and new molecular entities (NME) is becoming ever more prohibitive. Conversely, price pressures on generic medicines are making this model unviable putting a strain on quality. Value-Added Medicines, conventionally mean reformulations of market-approved drugs for life cycle management, drug repurposing or drug repositioning, offer a solution to these competing pressures.

Altus Value-Added Medicines are more than simple reformulations. Altus Value-Added Medicines are tailor-made drug products designed and developed to meet the needs of the patient and standout in the market. Altus adds to value to NCE, NME and market proven molecules with the bonus of patent protection.

Advantages of Altus Value-Added Medicines

Altus Value-Added Medicines bring commercially and clinically meaningful benefits to new molecules (NCE or NME) and old, generating new labelling to avoid substitution while addressing the needs of patients, healthcare professionals and payers. Altus Value-Added Medicines allow premium pricing.

Altus’ Value-Added Medicines can be;

Enabling Formulations

Altus enabling formulations can be pre-clinical, clinical or commercial formulation all protected under Altus Patent Umbrella.

First in Man Formulations

Altus can prepare patent applications based on preclinical and clinical performance to increase the value of a clinical candidate and provide differentiation and market protection.

Branded Products

New formulations of well-established drugs with unique features allowing market differentiation, exclusivity,  and price premiums. Altus Value-Added Medicines for branded products come with patent coverage exceeding market exclusivity 

Market-Protective Formulations

Providing patent coverage for NME or NCE lacking patent protection.

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