Altus Formulation Inc.


Altus Formulation Inc. a Quebec – based drug formulation and development company, leveraging it’s patented drug delivery technologies to develop Safer to UseTM formulations for its partners and their patients is pleased to announce the grant of its INTELLITABTM Misuse and Abuse Deterrent Technology patent EU2367541 (Misuse Deterrent Controlled Release Formulations) in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Abuse of prescription narcotics is a global concern that in North America has reached epidemic proportions; the rapid sales growth in Europe of these medications has led to speculation that similar problems may soon exist throughout this region also. INTELLITABTM technology is a novel drug delivery platform suitable for twelve or twenty four hour extended release formulations of one or more drugs that mitigates the misuse and abuse potential of narcotic and stimulant tablets. INTELLITABTM tablets display the following unique features;

· Tablets are ultra-hard to resist crushing, chewing and grinding.
· Tablets resist alcohol and other solvents
· Tablets may be broken with no loss of controlled release.
· Crushed tablets retain controlled release properties after ingestion.
· Ground tablets absorb liquids to form gels to resist injection and defeat insufflation (snorting)
· INTELLITABTM are made using conventional manufacturing processes and contain no aversive or antagonist agents unneeded and potentially hazardous to patients. First do No Harm

To coincide with the granting of these important patents Altus is seeking co-development and commercialization agreements with European companies seeking to lead the way in abuse deterrent formulation commercialization in Europe.

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