What’s Different About Altus?

Altus is not just a drug delivery company. We understand that to compete today, new formulations must bring enhanced, measurable value in a cost-effective manner.

At Altus we believe that all drugs, new or old can be delivered more safely. Thus Altus’ creed is ‘First Do No Harm’ and all our patent protected technologies are focussed on bringing ‘safer to useTM’ label-differentiated products to our partner’s patients;


Recognizing misuse of prescription drugs can be inadvertent as well as deliberate, INTELLITAB technology generates immediate release or extended release Abuse Deterrent tablets.


Altus FLEXITAB technology provides just that – flexibility. Each robust FLEXITAB tablet may be broken precisely and consistently into multiple segments each with the same performance as the intact tablet.


SmartCelle technology addresses insoluble drug delivery. Altus’ SmartCelle parenteral platform allows low volume and viscosity injectables while our pH sensitive oral platform increases bioavilability to reduce applied dose and associated side effects.