The Altus Patent Umbrella

The ever-evolving Altus Patent Umbrella covers SmartCelletm, MicroSpheres+tm, Flexitabtm and Intellitabtm Technologies Altus uses to generate differentiated, cost-effective new drug products that stand out in the marketplace.

Altus Patent Umbrella covers all new drug products developed using Altus Technologies, providing continued protection in the marketplace over and above normal exclusivity periods.

Altus Technologies provide protection to an expected 2038 for most drug products.

Altus Patents for NCE and NME

Given the cost of new drug discovery, many new molecules entering clinical development today lack patent protection, shortening their commercial lives or preventing their commercial viability altogether.

Altus Patent Umbrella can provide extended patent coverage for such unapproved molecules, at approval and beyond, reassuring investors of your product’s viability and maximizing its commercial life. Altus Patent can provide protection for drugs approvable by performing Ph I studies only.

Altus Patents for Value-Added Medicines

The enhancing, repositioning, or repurposing of well-established approved drugs by reformulation as a Value-Added Medicine is seen by many as a cost-effective route for new product approvals. The steady increase in the number of 505(b)(2) applications over recent years (of these approximately 30% represent new formulations or approved drugs and 25% new dosage forms of existing drugs) is testimony to this.

However, the cost of development using this pathway continues to increase while pricing pressures cut into margins. Altus Patent Umbrella can provide protection after your 5 year (or even 7-year orphan drug) exclusivity, maintaining your market position for longer.

Altus Patent Strategies

Whether an NCE, an NME or Value-Added Medicine, Altus will work with you to develop novel patenting strategies and patent applications, to continue to protect your valuable new drug.