Altus is pleased to present FLEXITABTM, an innovative and commercially validated technology platform providing novel, value added life-cycle management opportunities through Safer UseTM breakable, extended release (ER) tablets.

Conventional ER tablets may ‘dose dump’ their contents if broken or exposed to alcohol. This can lead to overdose and dangerous side effects. FLEXITABTM tablets maintain their drug release profile when broken and are alcohol insensitive – Safer Usefor the patient. A four way breakable FLEXITAB tablet design is shown inset.

FLEXITAB technology provides ten levels of benefit to a range of stakeholders;

  1. Demonstrable Value: the Safer UseTM properties of FLEXITAB ER tablets are included in the label of commercialized FLEXITAB products allowing physicians a clear understanding of their benefits versus conventional
  2. Cost Effective Development: FLEXITAB products can be developed rapidly and made more cheaply than conventional ER tablets allowing tablet prices lower than conventional
  1. Patent Protection for the same upfront cost as non-patented technologies; all FLEXITAB products will be protected by robust patents granted in North America, South America and
  2. Greater Formulary Coverage may be obtained from the built in safety features, valued by
  3. Price Premiums may be obtained unavailable to conventional life cycle


  • New Products and Product Strengths: breaking FLEXITAB tablets generates up to four new product strengths from the same tablet; new intermediate dosage strengths may be generated
  1. Reliable and Simple Use: FLEXITAB tablets are robust yet can be precisely broken with just one hand, a benefit for the
  2. Easy Titration: FLEXITAB simplifies titration for the patient and the physician providing multiple strengths from the same
  3. Easier Swallowing: The ability to break tablets without a loss in performance addresses this issue directly; paediatric compliance may also be
  4. Safer Use: Whether developing the first ER tablet for your drug, or seeking continued protection for your existing ER product FLEXITAB ‘Safer UseTM tablets add value and protect from the harms of dose Reassurance for the physician, the carer and the patient.

Next Steps

Partnering Model: Altus is seeking co-development partners with an interest in product-specific, territory exclusive licensing of FLEXITABTM technology based products. A list of potential product candidates is available on request.

Development Activities

Altus: Formulation R&D inc. preparation of initial clinical supplies for 1st human bio studies, tech transfer support.

Co-Development Partner: All other activities to registration and commercialization

For more information on FLEXITAB, Altus, our product candidates and our technologies please contact; bd@altus.mtlwebco.ca

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