Altus Formulation Inc. a Quebec based drug development company, leveraging its patented delivery technologies to develop novel Safer to UseTM formulations for its partners and their patients is pleased to announce the allowance of its first FLEXITABTM patent in Europe (EP 06790660.2).
FLEXITAB technology permits for the first time, alcohol resistant 12hr or 24hr extended release tablets that may be split into up to 4 segments each displaying dose-proportional performance in vivo. This simple yet novel feature allows flexible dose titration from a minimum number of tablets, the development of unique and existing dosage strengths from the same tablet and easier to swallow tablets for special populations. FLEXITAB tablets also prevent dose dumping, the potentially dangerous bolus release of drug that can occur with conventional extended release tablets when broken.

• FLEXITAB technology can be applied to a wide range of high or low dosage strength medicines where it can be used to develop both novel extended release products and formulations bio-equivalent to existing products lacking FLEXITAB’s unique and patented features.

• FLEXITAB technology has been employed in a number of products commercialized around the world and has enabled the recent development of ACETAFLEXTM Extended Release Acetaminophen tablets displaying up to 12hr of analgesia and TRAMAFLEXTM, the first breakable once-a-day formulation of tramadol.
• FLEXITAB patents have also been issued in both the United States of America and Canada.

For more information about FLEXITAB technology, our products and partnering with Altus please contact;
Damon Smith
CEO Altus Formulation
tel: (1) 514 883 3447