Altus Formulation Inc.
Monday February 2nd.

Altus Formulation Inc. is a Canadian Drug Formulation and Development Company, leveraging our patented drug delivery technologies to develop Safer to UseTM formulations for our partners and their patients. Altus is pleased to announce the launch of a new European business initiative to coincide with the recent grant of new patents for Altus INTELLITABTM technology.

Opioid Abuse in Europe – Immediate Attention Needed
Opioid analgesics provide unrivalled pain relief and their use in the EU is increasing exponentially as patients demand greater access to these important medicines (Figure 1). The proven link between sales, addiction and death however dictates action is taken to limit their misuse (Figure 2). As occurred in the USA there are now calls for European pharmaceutical companies to play their part in addressing this important issue – before it becomes a crisis.graphFeb02

INTELLITAB technology is a novel drug delivery platform suitable for twelve or twenty four hour extended release formulations of one or more drugs that mitigates the misuse and abuse potential of narcotic and stimulant tablets. INTELLITAB tablets display the following unique features;

• Tablets are ultra-hard to resist crushing, chewing and grinding.
• Tablets resist alcohol and other solvents
• Tablets may be broken with no loss of controlled release.
• Crushed tablets retain controlled release properties after ingestion.
• Ground tablets absorb liquids to form gels that resist injection and defeat insufflation (snorting)

Altus is seeking co-development and commercialization agreements with European companies seeking to lead the way with abuse deterrent formulations in Europe

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