Altus is developing PPI-1501 as a novel injectable NSAID formulation for the treatment of post-operative pain. By employing Altus’s novel SmartCelle technology Altus scientists have developed a stable, low viscosity high concentration nano-formulation of this water insoluble drug that maybe delivered as a 1 or 2mL injection over 10-15 seconds. The unique properties of SmartCelle technology allow high blood concentrations to be achieved rapidly thereby achieving both early onset and sustained analgesia.



Altus is developing PPI-1502, a novel lipid and preservative-free formulation of propofol for the induction and maintenance of anaesthesia. Unlike current formulations of this commonly used anaesthetic PPI-1502 does not support bacterial growth and in the pre-clinical setting has been shown to generate less pain on injection than current commercial products. PPI-1502 is simple to manufacture and may be sterilized by filtration methods rather than autoclaving.